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Conversation between Gotse Delchev and General Danail Nikolayev

February 1896

General Nikolaev: So, you, young man, consider that the Macedonian population is capable to fight, to make a revolution? Childish of you, young man! That is a slave population out there! Your plans I cannot accept, and I do not want to hear them. What kind of Organization you think you are creating there? Revolutionary? Internal? Macedonian? Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense! There is only one organization - that is the Supreme Committee. I guarantee, that, when the time is right, I will lead 20-30 thousands of reservist soldiers. The officers are with me. Then we will make a revolution in Macedonia, and we will set it free. Nothing can be done seriously with villagers. They are slaves...

Gotse Delchev: They were slaves, mister General, but not anymore. So you are giving up from all the revolutionary work in the inside? According to you... (interrupted in the original)

General Nikolaev: No, I will not give up, but under certain conditions. The revolutionary work in the inside is important for us, the Supreme Committee. It helps us scare the politicians in Bulgaria, as well the foreign diplomats, everytime there is a need for that. That's why we can provide help, but under one condition: you will listen to us and you will not take any actions out of the Ottoman Empire. You will leave us to carry all the necessary politics. When it comes to your work in the inside we will tell you when, where and what will you do. Moreover, we will decide when the uprising in Macedonia should be proclaimed. Besides that... we...

Gotse Delchev: That cannot be, mister General. You, - that is the Supreme Committee and someone else... No, we do not agree with your plans regarding Macedonia. We, you know who we are: the villagers, the Macedonian population, the people.