Coptos Decree
by Nubkheperre Intef, translated by James Henry Breasted

Circa 16th century B.C. Published in Ancient Record of Egypt, 1906.

Year 3, third month of the second season, day 25, under the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nubkheprure (nb-xprw-r'), Son of Re, Intef, who is given life, like Re, forever.

Royal decree to: The wearer of the royal seal, the count of Coptos, Minemhet; The king's-son, commandant of Coptos, Kinen (Ky-nn); The wearer of the royal seal, the priest of Min, scribe of the temple, Neferhotepur; The whole army of Coptos, And the entire lay priesthood of the temple.

Behold, there is brought to you this decree, to let you know: that my majesty, L.P.H., has sent the scribe of the sacred treasury of Amon, Siamon, and the [...] Amenusere (ymn-wsr-'), to make an inspection in the temple of Min; and that the lay priesthood of the temple of my father, min, applied to my majesty, L.P.H., saying: "An evil thing is about to happen in this temple. Foes have been [stirred up][1] by, a curse to his name! Teti, son of Minhotep.

Cause him to be deposed[2] from the temple of my father, Min; cause [him to be] cast out of his temple office, from son to son, and heir to heir; [...] upon the earth; take away his bread, his [food], and his joints of meat. His name shall not be remembered in this temple, according as it is done toward one like him, who is hostile toward the enemies of his god. His entries shall be cast out from the temple of Min, from his treasury, and on every book likewise.

As for any king or any ruler, who shall be merciful to him, he shall not receive the white crown, he shall not wear the red crown, he shall not sit upon the Horus-throne of the living, the two patron goddeses shall not be gracious to him as their beloved. As for any commandant or any official who shall apply to the king, L.P.H., to be merciful to him (the traitor), his (the applicant's) people, his goods, his fields shall be given to the sacred property of my father, Min, lord of Coptos.

No one of his connections, or of the family of his father or his mother shall be inducted into this office, but this office shall be given to the wearer of the royal seal, the overseer of royal property, Minemhet. Its bread, its [food] and its joints of meat shall be given to him, established for him in writing, in the temple of my father Min, lord of Coptos, from son to son and heir to heir.


  1. or, "The enemy was stolen." Goebs, Katja, "Hftj Ntr as Euphamism," The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. vol. 89 (2003), p. 28.
  2. Lit, "Cause him to be put upon the ground"

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