Cosway Frazer & Baldwin of Egypts Lake

Blake manuscript - Notebook 1808 - 40 Cosway Frazer & Baldwin of Egypts Lake

Edited text:[1]Edit

[On certain Mystics]

COSWAY, Frazer, and Baldwin of Egypt’s lake
Fear to associate with Blake.
This life is a warfare against evils;
They heal the sick: he casts out devils.
5 Hayley, Flaxman, and Stothard are also in doubt
Lest their virtue should be put to the rout.
One grins, t’other spits, and in corners hides,
And all the virtuous have shown their backsides.


The original text:[2]Edit

* * *

Cosway Frazer & Baldwin of Egypts Lake
Fear to Associate with Blake
This Life is a Warfare against Evils
They heal the sick he casts out Devils
5 Hayley Flaxman & Stothard are also in doubt
Lest their Virtue should be put to the rout
One grins tother spits & in corners hides
And all the Virtuous have shewn their backsides[3]



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    7 tother] one 1st rdg del
    8 Virtuous] Righteous 1st rdg del

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.