Coxon, Thomas (DNB00)

COXON, THOMAS (1654–1735), jesuit, was a native of the county of Durham. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1676, and became a professed father in 1694 (Foley, Records, v. 532, vii. 179). For many years (1695–1724) he was a missioner in England, and he died at the college of St. Omer on 6 May 1735. He prepared the splendid edition of Ribadeneira's ‘Lives of the Saints,’ London, 1730, fol., translated by the Hon. William Petre, whose version was first issued from the press of St. Omer's College in 1699 (Oliver, Jesuit Collections, 77; Lowndes, Bibl. Man. ed. Bohn, 2081).

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