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CRANSTOUN, DAVID (fl. 1509–1526), Scotch professor in Paris, was educated at the college of Montacute, Paris, among the poor scholars under John Major. He subsequently became regent and professor of belles-lettres in the college, and by his will, made in 1512, left to it the whole of his property, which amounted to 450 livres. He became bachelor of theology in 1519, and afterwards doctor. Along with Gavin Douglas he made the ‘Tabula’ for John Major's ‘Commentarius in quartum Sententiarum,’ which was published at Paris in 1509 and again in 1516. He is said to have written ‘Orationes,’ ‘Votum ad D. Kentigernum,’ and ‘Epistolæ.’ He also edited Martin's ‘Questiones Morales,’ Paris, 1510, another ed. 1511, and wrote additions to the ‘Moralia’ of Almain, Paris, 1526, and to the ‘Parva Logicalia’ of Ramirez de Villascusa, Paris, 1520. Of these three works there are copies in the library of the British Museum, but the last is imperfect.

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