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CREED or CREEDE, THOMAS (d. 1616?), stationer, was made free of the Stationers' Company 7 Oct. 1578 by Thomas East. He dwelt at the sign of the Catharine Wheel, near the Old Swan, in Thames Street. A long list of books printed by Creed is given in Herbert's ‘Ames’ (ii. 1279–84). Among these are the 1599 quarto of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ printed for Cuthbert Burby; the 1598 quarto of ‘Richard III,’ printed for Andrew Wise; and the 1600 quarto of ‘Henry V,’ printed for T. Millington and J. Busby. Creed's career as a printer extends from 1582 to 1616. He frequently used for his device an emblem of Truth, crowned and flying naked, scourged on the back with a rod by a hand issuing from a cloud. Encircling the device is the motto, ‘Veritas virescit vulnere.’

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A. H. B.