Crowley, Peter O'Neill (DNB00)

CROWLEY, PETER O'NEILL (1832–1867), Fenian, was born at Ballymacoda, county Cork, on 23 May 1832, being the son of a small tenant farmer. His uncle, Peter O'Neill, a priest, had been engaged in the insurrection of 1798, but escaped with a flogging. Crowley was educated in the principles of total abstinence from intoxicating liquors and fanatical hatred of the English connection, and is said to have adorned his circle. He was implicated in the Fenian conspiracy almost from the beginning, and was present at the attempt to break into the coastguard station at Knockadoon made in March 1867. The attack being repulsed, Crowley retired with a small party to the Kilclooney wood, where on the 31st he was shot in a skirmish with the constabulary. He died at Mitchelstown the same day. His last moments are said to have been edifying. He was followed to his grave by an immense multitude.

[Webb's Compendium of Irish Biography.]

J. M. R.