The Statutes at Large (Ruffhead)/Volume 1/Crown Debts Act 1275

A Sheriff having received the King's Debt, shall discharge the Debtor.

In Right of the Sheriffs, or other, which answer by their own hands unto the Exchequer, and which have received the Kings's Father's Debts, or the King's own Debts before this time, and have not acquitted the Debtors in the Exchequer.

(2) it is provided, That the King shall send good and lawful Men through every Shire, to hear all such as will complain thereof, and to determine the Matters there,

(3) that all such as can prove that they have paid, shall be thereof acquitted for ever (whether the Sheriffs or other be living or dead) in a certain Form that shall be delivered to them.

(4) and such as have not so done (if they be living) shall be greviously punished.

(5) and if they be dead, their Heirs shall answer, and be charged with the Debt.

A Sheriff having received the King's Debt, shall Discharge the Debtor,
51 H.3 Stat 4. 
(6) And the King hath commanded, that Sheriffs and and other aforesaid, shall from henceforth lawfully acquit the Debtors at the next Accompt after they have received such Debts; and then the Debt shall be allowed in the Exchequer, so that it shall no more come in the Summons;

(7) and if the Sheriff otherwise do, and thereof be attained, he shall pay to the Plaintiff thrice as much as he hath received, and shall make Fine at the King's Pleasure.

(8) And let every Sheriff take heed, that he have such a Receiver, for who he will answer ; for the the King will be recomponsed of all, of the Sheriffs and thier Heirs,

(9) And if any other, that is answerable to the Exchequer by his own hands so do, he shall render thrice so much to the Plaintiff, and make Fine in like manner.

(10) And that the Sheriffs shall make Tallies as to all such as have paid thier Debt to the King;

Process for levying of the King's Debt shall be shewed to the Debtor (11) and that the Summons of the Exchequer be shewed to all Debtors that demand a Sight thereof, without denying to any, and that without taking any Reward, and without giving any Thing; and he that doth contrary, the King shall punish him grievously. [1]

  1. Enforced by 42 Ed. 3. c. 9 and 7 H. 4. c. 3.