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CRULL, JODOCUS, M.D. (d. 1713?), miscellaneous writer, was a native of Hamburg, who, applying himself to medicine, took the degree of M.D. at Leyden in 1679 (inaugural essay, ‘Disputatio exhibens medicamenti veterum universalis, recentiorumque particularum verum in medicina usum,’ 4to, Leyden, 1679). He afterwards settled in London, was created M.D. of Cambridge by royal mandate on 7 Aug. 1681, and admitted a licentiate of the College of Physicians on 22 Dec. 1692. He had been elected a fellow of the Royal Society on 23 and admitted on 30 Nov. 1681, but from inability to pay the fees his name was omitted from the annual lists. He seems to have met with small success in his profession, and subsisted principally by translating and compiling for the booksellers. Among the Sloane MSS. (No. 4041, f. 288) is a letter from Crull entreating Sir Hans's vote at the coming election of a navy physician. His name appears on the college list for 1713, but not on that for 1715; it is therefore probable that his death occurred in the first-named year. From the same authority we find that he resided out of London, ‘country’ being appended to his name in the lists. Most of his books were published anonymously, or with his initials only. Of his translations may be mentioned: 1. Dellon's ‘Voyage to the East Indies,’ 8vo, London, 1698. 2. Pufendorf's ‘Of the Nature and Qualification of Religion, in reference to Civil Society,’ 8vo, London, 1698. 3. Pufendorf's ‘Introduction to the History of the Principal Kingdoms and States of Europe,’ 8vo, London, 1699 (other editions in 1702, 1706, and 1719). 4. ‘The Present Condition of the Muscovite Empire, … in two letters, … with the Life of the present Emperour of China, by Father J. Bouvet,’ 8vo, London, 1699. Crull's other publications are: 1. ‘The Antient and present State of Muscovy, containing an account of all the Nations and Territories under the Jurisdiction of the present Czar, … with sculptures,’ 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1698. 2. ‘Memoirs of Denmark, containing the Life and Reign of the late K. of Denmark, Norway, &c., Christian V, together with an account of the rise and progress of those differences now on foot, betwixt the two Houses of Denmark and Holstein Gottorp,’ 8vo, London, 1700. 3. ‘The Antiquities of St. Peter's, or the Abbey Church of Westminster, … with draughts of the tombs,’ 8vo, London, 1711. This last wretched compilation has on the title-page ‘by J. C., M.D., Fellow of the Royal Society.’ A reissue appeared in 1713, with a new title-page, but having no reference to Crull as the author. A so-called ‘second edition’ was published in 1715 (which was merely a second reissue), a third edition in 1722, in 2 vols., and a fourth in 1741 and 1742.

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