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CULLIMORE, ISAAC (1791–1852), Egyptologist, a native of Ireland, devoted his whole life to the study of Egyptian antiquities, and is noteworthy as one of the first orientalists who made use of astronomy and astronomical inquiries to fix important dates in ancient history. Most of his labours are buried in the ‘Proceedings of the Royal Society of Literature,’ of which he was a member. Among his papers are: ‘On the Periods of the Erection of the Theban Temple of Ammon,’ 1833; ‘Report on the System of Hieroglyphic Interpretation proposed by Signor Jannelli,’ 1834; and ‘Remarks on the Series of Princes of the Hieroglyphic Tablets of Karnak,’ 1836. In 1842 he commenced his issue of oriental cylinders or seals from the collections in the British Museum of the Duke of Sussex, Dr. Lee, Sir William Ouseley, and Mr. Curzon, of which 174 plates had been published in parts without any descriptive letterpress when he died at Clapham on 8 April 1852.

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