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United States Supreme Court

55 U.S. 377

Cunningham  v.  Ashley

THIS case was brought up from the Supreme Court of the State of Arkansas, by a writ of error issued under the 25th section of the Judiciary Act.

The facts in the case were numerous and complicated, and a statement of the principal ones is given in the opinion of the court. It would not throw light upon any general principle if the reporter were to give a more particular account of the long series of acts which the respective parties considered to be the foundation of their respective titles. Nor would it be possible to explain the arguments of counsel, commenting on contradictory testimony, without a previous and detailed history of the transactions of twenty years. One of the briefs filed in the cause was upwards of seventy printed pages. The opinion of the court has given a selection of the leading facts in the case, so that its merits upon both sides can be clearly understood.

It was argued by Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Pike, for the plaintiff in error, and by Mr. Bradley and Mr. Johnson, for the defendants in error.

Mr. Justice McLEAN delivered the opinion of the court.


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