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CURLING, HENRY (1803–1864), novelist, was a captain in the 52nd foot, and died at Kensington on 10 Feb. 1864. Among his numerous novels are ‘The Soldier of Fortune,’ 1843; ‘John of England,’ 1846; ‘Frank Beresford,’ 1847; ‘The Miser Lord,’ 1847; ‘Shakspeare, a Romance,’ 1848; ‘Nonpareil House,’ 1855; ‘Love at First Sight,’ 1860; and ‘Self-Divorced,’ 1861. He also published a variety of other works, including ‘Recollections of the Mess-table and the Stage,’ 1855; ‘The Merry Wags of War, a Drama,’ 1854; and ‘Camp Club in the Crimea,’ 1856.

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