Cynthia's Love Affairs

Cynthia's Love Affairs  (1893/94) 
by Barry Pain

Extracted from English Illustrated magazine, Vol.11, 1893-94, pp. 323–329, etc. Accompanying illustrations by Gordon Browne may be omitted. Following the romantic adventures of Cynthia from a tender age, to her coming of age—and beyond. May be read either as a novella or as a series of linked short stories.

Cynthia's Love Affairs


Barry Pain

CONTENTS (not listed in original)


  1. Henry Silvester Dec. 1893
  2. The Twins Jan. 1894
  3. The Experiment Feb. 1894
  4. The Real One Mar. 1894
  5. The Thousand and the Boy Apr. 1894
  6. Too Late May 1894

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