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DAFFORNE, JAMES (d. 1880), writer on art, was for thirty-five years a diligent contributor to the ‘Art Journal.’ He joined the staff of that paper in 1845, and contributed to its pages till his death. His works are numerous, and chiefly in the nature of compilations which having first done duty in the journal were afterwards published as books. In this manner appeared the ‘Pictures of Daniel Maclise, R.A.,’ with descriptive biography and twelve plates; also the ‘Pictures of William Mulready,’ of ‘Leslie and Maclise,’ of ‘Clarkson Stansfield, R.A.,’ ‘Sir Edwin Landseer,’ and some more. He further compiled the ‘Pictorial Table-book.’ In 1878 he published a book upon the Albert Memorial. In 1879 his last book appeared, ‘The Life and Works of Edward Matthew Ward, R.A.’ He translated the ‘Arts of the Middle Ages,’ by De la Croix. He died on 5 June 1880 at the house of his son-in-law, the Rev. C. E. Casher, Upper Tooting.

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