The Works of J. W. von Goethe/Volume 9/Declaration of War


Oh, would I resembled
The country girls fair,
Who rosy-red ribbons
And yellow hats wear!

To believe I was pretty
I thought was allowed;
In the town I believed it
When by the youth vowed.

Now that spring hath returned,
All my joys disappear;
The girls of the country
Have lured him from here.

To change dress and figure,
Was needful, I found,
My bodice is longer,
My petticoat round.

My hat now is yellow,
My bodice like snow;
The clover to sickle
With others I go.

Something pretty, ere long
Midst the troop he explores;
The eager boy signs me
To go within doors.

I bashfully go,—
Who I am, he can't trace;
He pinches my cheeks,
And he looks in my face.

The town girl now threatens
You maidens with war;
Her twofold charms pledges
Of victory are.