Defend Me from Myself

Defend Me from Myself
by Adam Bernard Mickiewicz, translated by Jarek Zawadzki

Source, including CC-BY-SA license: [1]

Defend me from myself, why, Thou know’st how.
Sometimes I scan Thy books, I scan them now.
As the Sun peeps through their mist that may appear
To us real gold – to the Sun ’tis darkness sheer.
But man outdoes the Sun, he knows too well
This golden veil but in his eyes may dwell.

I look into Thine eyes, Thou star’st at me
I grasp Thy hands, and standing next to Thee
I cry aloud: “Reveal the mystery”.
Prove now Thy strength or do admit this hour
That we are equal both in wit and power.
Thou knowest not the season of Thy birth:
Do people know when they appeared on earth?
Now, Thou explorest Thine own self so vast;
And what do people do? – research their past.
Thy wisdom even cannot solve Thy case:
And can we, people, know the human race?
Thyself Thou know’st and knowest not and we
Know not ourselves, immortals though like Thee!
Thou knowest not Thy end, but notice, please,
We know not either when we come to cease.
Thou canst divide Thyself and then unite:
We can divide at day and join at night.
Thou art so various – our thoughts apart;
As Thou art one so we are one at heart.
Thou reign’st in Heav’n, we watch the starry motions;
Thou rul’st the seas while we explore the oceans.
Oh, Thou whose glow can neither rise nor set,
Say what Thou hast that we may never get?
In Heav’n and Earth Thou struggl’st with the devil,
And we are endlessly at war with evil.
Thou took’st the form of men, so say the sages:
Was that for a while or hadst Thou one since ages?

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