Di – stance: versts, miles

 * * *

       To Boris Pasternak

Di — stance: versts, miles...
Have di — vided, di — vorced us,
To force us to be quiet
In two opposite corners of the world.

Di — stance: versts, horizons...
Have unsticked, unsoldered us,
Moving apart, have crucified,
But they didn't know that we are an alloy

Of inspirations and sinews...
They haven't quarrelled, but scattered,
Stratified us...
                The wall and the ditch.
They have settled us apart like two eagles —

Conspirators. Versts, horizons...
Have not disordered but lost us.
They've shoved us like orphans
Into the slums of the earth's latitudes.

Which is it? Which March is it already?!
They've divided us like a pack of cards!

24 March 1925

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