Diary of Hiram Tuttle - January-February 1867

Diary of Hiram Tuttle
by Hiram Tuttle

Tues 20 — Getting ready to moove destination not known will not go tomorrow

Wed 21 everything ready to go tomorrow

Thurs 22 Snow Left camp at 1 p.m. and marched 13 miles and camped cocian

Fri. 23 Marched 25 miles. Webber

Sat. 24 Went 18 to Williard

Sun. 25 Went 14 miles captured 5 Indians. emphis

Mon. 26 Went 25 miles to Mendon

Tues. 27 Laid over today Conel Conner with 232 Cavalry came up.

Wed. 28. left camp 12 at night and went (30) miles to Franklin and camped.

Thurs. 29 Left Franklin and went to Indians camp commenced the fight at day light ended at 10 1/2 a.m. 14 killed 48 wounded 4 officers

Fri. 30 Left the river today and went to Franklin and camped for the night

Sat. 31 Left Franklin and went to Logan and camped.

Sun. Feb 1 Left Logan and tride to cross the mountains and the roads were so bad that we had to go back.

Mon 2 Tride the road today the comande came through and camped at boxelder.

Tues. 3 Left boxelder and went to Ogdon and camped.

Wed. 4 Left Ogdon and went 40 miles to camp Douglas, arrived a little after dark.