Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Dalgliesh, William

DALGLEISH, WILLIAM, D.D. (1733–1807), theological writer, was educated at the university of Edinburgh; ordained to the ministry of Peebles in 1761, and remained in that charge till his death in 1807. ‘He was distinguished by superior endowments of mind, eminent qualifications for the ministry, fervent piety, persuasive eloquence, sweet temper, and unwearied diligence.’ He received the degree of D.D. from the university of Edinburgh in 1786. He wrote: 1. ‘The True Sonship of Christ investigated,’ London, 1776, anon. [This work was animadverted on by the Rev. Adam Gib in ‘An Antidote against a New Heresy concerning the true Sonship of Jesus Christ; as also an Appendix concerning the Wonderful Theory of Animalcular Generation, as lately brought in by a clergyman of the Church of Scotland, for the proper ground of the Fundamental Article of the Christian Religion. By Adam Gib, Minister of the Gospel at Edinburgh.’ It was also attacked by Rev. Michael Arthur, Peebles, in ‘The Scripture Doctrine of the Eternal Generation of Christ as the Son of God vindicated in answer to a late treatise entitled “The True Sonship,” &c.’] In reply Dalgliesh published: 2. ‘The Self-existence and Supreme Deity of Christ defended,’ Edin. 1777. 3. ‘Sermons on the Chief Doctrines and Duties of the Christian Religion,’ 4 vols. Edin. 1799–1807. 4. ‘Religion, its Importance, &c.’ Edin. 1801. 5. ‘Addresses and Prayers,’ Edin. 1804.

[Scott's Fasti; Sinclair's Stat. Acct. of Scotland.]

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