Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Peterson, Robert

PETERSON, ROBERT (fl. 1600), translator, was a member of Lincoln's Inn. He published: 1. A translation of ‘Galateo,’ the celebrated treatise on manners written by Giovanni della Casa, archbishop of Benevento. This translation, now very rare, is entitled ‘Galateo of Maister John della Casa, Archbishop of Beneuenta. Or rather a treatise of the manners and behaviours it behoveth a man to use and eschewe in his familiar conversation. A worke very necessary and profitable for all Gentlemen or other. First written in the Italian tongue, and now done into English. Imprinted at London for Raufe Newbery,’ 1576. The book is dedicated to ‘my singular good Lord, the Lord Robert Dudley, Earle of Leycester,’ and contains dedicatory verses to the translator in Italian by F. Pucci and A. Citolini; in Latin sapphics by Edward Cradock [q. v.]; in English by Thomas Drant [q. v.], Thomas Browne, and one J. Stoughton. It was reprinted privately in 1892, with introduction by H. J. Reid. 2. ‘A Treatise concerning the Causes of the Magnificence and Greatnes of Cities, Devided into three bookes by Sig. Giovanni Botero, in the Italian Tongue, now done into English. At London, Printed by T. P. for Richard Ockould and Henry Tomes,’ 1606. Dedicated to ‘my verie good Lord, Sir Thomas Egerton, Knight’ (Watt, Bibl. Brit.) The original was published at Milan, 1596. From the dedications it appears that Peterson had received favours from the Earl of Leicester and Lord Ellesmere. Copies of both works are in the British Museum.

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