Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Shelford, Leonard

SHELFORD, LEONARD (1795–1864), legal author, second son of Leonard Shelford, B.D., fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and rector of North Tuddenham, Norfolk, by his wife Ellen, daughter of William Grigson of West Wretham, Norfolk, was born on 26 July 1795. He was intended for a solicitor, and served his articles with William Repton of Aylsham, Norfolk, whence he went to the office of Boodle & Co., London. But resolving to become a barrister, he entered at the Middle Temple, and was called to the bar in 1827. For upwards of forty years he occupied chambers in the Temple, living the life of a recluse, and compiling legal works which not only obtained a large circulation in England, but were also in several instances reprinted in America, without the author's consent. He died, unmarried, on 17 March 1864.

He was the author of:

  1. ‘Law concerning Lunatics, Idiots,’ &c., London, 1833, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1833; 2nd edit. London, 1847, 8vo.
  2. ‘Real Property Statutes,’ London, 1834, 12mo; 9th edit., by T. H. Carson, 1893, 8vo.
  3. ‘General Highway Act of 5 and 6 William IV,’ London, 1835, 12mo; 3rd edit., ‘Law of Highways,’ 1862, 12mo.
  4. ‘Law of Mortmain and Charitable Uses and Trusts,’ London, 1836, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1842, 8vo.
  5. ‘The Act for the Commutation of Tithes,’ London, 1836, 12mo; 3rd edit. 1842, 12mo; supplement, 1848.
  6. ‘Law of Wills,’ London, 1838, 12mo.
  7. ‘Law of Marriage, Divorce, and Registration,’ London, 1841, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1841, 8vo.
  8. ‘Law of Railways,’ London, 1845, 12mo; ed. by M. L. Bennett, 2 vols., Burlington, U.S.A., 1855, 8vo; 4th edit., by W. C. Glen, London, 1869, 8vo.
  9. ‘Bankrupt Law Consolidation Act,’ London, 1849, 12mo; 3rd edit., 1862, 12mo.
  10. ‘Statutes for amending the Practice in Chancery,’ London, 1852, 12mo.
  11. ‘Law of Copyholds,’ London, 1853, 12mo; supplement, 1858.
  12. ‘Law relating to the Probate, Legacy, and Succession Duties,’ London, 1855, 12mo; 2nd edit., 1861, 12mo.
  13. ‘Statutes for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors,’ London, 1856, 12mo; 3rd edit., 1862, 12mo.
  14. ‘Proceedings in the County Courts relating to Probates and Administrations,’ London, 1858, 8vo.
  15. ‘Law of Joint-Stock Companies,’ London, 1863, 12mo; 3rd edit., by D. Pitcairn and F. L. Latham, 1870, 8vo.

Shelford also prepared a second edition of Broom's ‘Practice of the County Courts,’ 1857, 8vo; and a fifth edition of George Crabb's ‘Conveyancer's Assistant,’ 1860, 8vo.

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