Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Vol 49 Robinson - Russell

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Robinson - Russell
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See under Hatfield, John

See Robinson, Richard (fl. 1576-1600)

See Robinson, Richard (1709-1794)
See Robertson

See Robinson, Thomas (fl. 1588-1603)

See Robinson, William (1720?-1775).

See under Robinson, Christopher
  • Robinson-Montagu, Henry.

See under Robinson-Morris, Matthew.

See under Robinson-Morris, Matthew.

See under Robison, John
Dudley, Robert (1532?-1588).
See under Robson, Stephen.
See Rochard, Simon Jacques.
See under Roche, David.
See Peter des Roches
  • Rochester, Earl of. See:
- Wilmot, Henry
- Wilmot, John
- Hyde, Laurence
  • Rochester, Countess of. See:
- Hyde, Jane
  • Rochester, Viscount.
See Carr, Robert (d.1645).

Zuylestein, William Henry (1645-1709) Zuylestein, William Henry (1717-1781)

  • Rochford, Viscount. See:
- Boleyn, George (d.1536)
- Watson-Wentworth, Charles
Rodd, Thomas.
See: Rodd, Thomas.
- Jocelyn, Robert (1731-1797)
- Jocelyn, Robert (1788-1870)
See Rhodri Mawr
  • Roderic O'Connor.
See O'Connor, Roderic
See Rodney, George Brydges.
See Roettiers, James.
  • Roettiers, James (1707-1784).
See under Roettiers, Norbert.
  • Roger de Breteuil.
See Fitzwilliam, Roger.
See under Bigod, Hugh
  • Roger the Poitevin (fl. 1110).
See under Roger de Montgomery.
See under Roger of Salisbury
See: Wendover.
See Rogers, John (1500?-1555)
See under Rogers, Nathaniel.
See Rogers, Jamed Edwin Thorold.
- Robinson, Richard (1709-1794).
- Robinson-Morris, Matthew.
See Rokeby, Ralph.
See Rokeby, Thomas de.
See Romanus, John .
See under Romer, Wolfgang William.
- Sidney, Henry (1641-1704).
See Rookwood, Ambrose (1578?-1606).
- More, Thomas (1478-1535).
- Roper, William.
See O'More, Rory.
  • Ros of Hamlake, Lord.
See Manners, Thomas
See under Ros, William de.
See: Ross, Thomas (1575?-1618).
  • Rosamond the Fair.
See: Clifford, Rosamond
See Roscoe, William (1753-1831).
  • Roscommon, Earl of. See:
- Dillon, Wentworth
  • Rose, Alexander (1647?-1720).
See Ross.
See Rose, Hugh James.
See under Rose, Samuel.
- Primrose, Archibald (1661-1723).
- Primrose, Archibald John.
See Roseingrave, Daniel.
  • Roseingrave, Thomas.
See Roseingrave, Daniel.
- Stewart, James (1476?-1504).
  • Ross, Earls of. See:
- Macdonald, Donald.
- Macdonald, Alexander (d.1449).
- Macdonald, John (d.1498).
  • Ross, Mother.
See: Davies, Christian.
See Ross, Alexander (1783-1856).
- Parsons, Lawrence (1758-1841).
- Parsons, William (1800-1867).
See Rossetti, Christina Georgina.
- Wedderburn, Alexander.
- Erskine, James St. Clare.
See Rothery, Henry Cadogan.
  • Rothes, Duke of. See:
- Leslie, John (1630-1681).
  • Rothes, Earls of.See:
- Leslie, George (d.1588).
- Leslie, Andrew (d.1611).
- Leslie, John (1600-1641).
- Leslie, John (1630-1681).
- Leslie, John (1679-1722).
- Leslie, John (1698?-1767).
  • Rothes, Master of. See:
- Leslie, Norman.
  • Rothesay, Duke of. See:
- Stewart, David (1378?-1402).
  • Rothschild, Sir Anthony de.
See Rothschild, Nathan Meyer.
See Rothschild, Nathan Meyer.
See Rowan, Archibald Hamilton.
See Rowe, Thomas.
See under Rowe, Elizabeth.
See Chatterton, Thomas.
See: Richard of Cornwall (fl.1250).
- Ker, John (d.1741).
- Ker, John (1740-1804).
- Ker, James Innes-.
  • Roxburgh, Earl of. See:
- Ker, Robert (1570?-1650).
See Rudge, Edward.
See: Rudhall, Abraham
See: Richard of Cornwall (fl.1250).
- Douglas, William (1724-1810).
See: Rumbold, George Berriman.
See under Rumbold, William.
See: Thompson, Benjamin.
See: Runciman, Alexander.
See: Rishton.
See Rushton, Edward.
See under Russel, Theodore.
See under Hoby, Thomas.
See under Russell, George William.
See Russell, John (1792-1878).
See Russell, William (1639-1683).
See under Russel William.
See Russell, William (1822-1892).
  • Russell, William (1780-1870).
See Russell, John (1745-1806).