Dictionary of National Biography, 1912 supplement/Saunders, Edward

SAUNDERS, EDWARD (1848–1910), entomologist, born at East Hill, Wandsworth, on 22 March 1848, was youngest of seven children (four sons and three daughters) of William Wilson Saunders, F.R.S. [q. v.]. His elder brother, George Sharp Saunders, F.L.S. (d. 1910), also an entomologist, was editor of the 'Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society' from 1906 to 1908. The youngest sister married the Rev. T. R. R. Stebbing, F.R.S. Saunders, who was educated entirely at home, was the author (from 1867) of many papers on entomology, relating chiefly to the Buprestidae, Hemiptera Heteroptera, and Aculeata Hymenoptera. These he contributed to the 'Entomologist's Monthly Magazine,' the 'Transactions of the Entomological Society,' the 'Journal of the Linnean Society,' and other serials. His independent publications comprised 'The Hemiptera Heteroptera of the British Isles' (1892); 'The Hymenoptera Aculeata of the British Isles' (1896); and a popular work (with illustrations by his daughter) 'Wild Bees, Wasps, and Ants, and other Stinging Insects' (1907).

On 5 June 1902 he was elected F.R.S. He died at Bognor on 6 Feb. 1910, and was buried in Brookwood cemetery. He married in 1872 Mary Agnes, daughter of Edward Brown (d. 1866), of East Hill, Wandsworth, East India merchant, and had issue eight sons and four daughters.

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T. E. J.