The Statutes at Large (Ruffhead)/Volume 1/Dies Communes de Dote (51 Hen3. Stat 3) (1266)

Dies Communes de Dote (51 Hen3. Stat 3) (1266)  (1266) 
by Parliament of England / Crown of England

This Statute is no longer in force and may have been substantially amended in later form.
Traditionally assumed made (and cited) 51 Hen 3 Stat 3. (1266)

The Statute made Anno 51 Hen. III. Stat 3. and Anno Dom. 1266.

Dies Communes in Banco in placito dotis.
Concerning general Days in a writ of Dower.

If the Writ do come in octabis Michaelis, Day shall be given until castino Animarum; (2) If it come in quindena Michaelis, Day shall be given until crastino Martini; (3) If within three Weeks after the Feast of St. Micheal, then in octabis Martini; (4) If in mense Michaelis, then in quindena Martini; (5) If in crastino Animarum, then in octabis Hilarii; (6) If in crastino Martini, then in quindena Hilarii; (7) If in octabis Martini, then in crastino Purifications; (8) If in qunidena Martini, then in octabis Purifications; (9) If in octabis Hilarii, then in quindera Pasche; (10) If in quindera Hilarii, then in tribus Septimanis Pasche; (11) If in crastino Purificationis, then in mense Pasche; (12) If in Octabis Purificationis, then in crastino Asecnionis; (13) If in quindena Pasche, then in octabis Trinitatis ; (14) If in tribus Septimanis Pasche, then in quindera Trinitatis[1] (15) If in mense Pasche, then in crastino Johannis Baptistæ; (16) If in quinque Septimanaas Paschæ, then in quindena Johannis;[2] (17) If in crastino Ascensionis, then in quindena Joahnnis; (18) If in octabis Trinitatis, then in octabis Michaelis; (19) If in quindena Trinitatis[3] then in quindena Michaelis; (20) If in crastino Johanis Baptistæ, then in tribus Septimanis Michaelis;[4] (21) If in Octabis Johannis Baptistæ then in mense Michaelis; [5]

Altered by 32 Hen8. c. 21. & 16 Car1. c.6(22) If in quindena Johannis Baptiste, then in crastino Animaarum

And see 24 Geo2. c. 48. for the further Abbreviation of the Michealmas Term; And the 4th sect. of the same Statute ordaning that in Dower after issue joined there need not be above 15 Days between the Teste and Return of the Venire, &c.

  1. Mariginal addition
  2. Add or in Castino Johannis Baptiste
  3. Mariginal addition
  4. For Crastino read octabis
  5. Not in the original