Disappointed lover (1)/Disappointed lover

Disappointed Lover  (1825) 
Disappointed Lover


As Autumn sun had sunk full low,
Behind Benlomond hill
And Ardoch brown came rowing down
Wi' speed might ca'd a mill.
That night met two resolved to woo,
Upon a bank so green
And watch the two I then did do,
Behind a bush unseen.

He made her vow, on the broom knowe,
That night to let him in
And by a' gude he swore he would
Mak neither noise nor din.
He kiss'd the lass then on the grass,
And prais'd her bonny een;
But aft she said I am afraid
This night you will be seen.

So off I went for I was bent,
That night him to undo.
And kiss this maid in her own bed,
And bar her love out too
The village clock it now had struck,
The hour ayont the ten,
When, in her smock, she did unlock,
The door and let me in.

As it was dark she low did heark
To mak but little din.
For blackguards low are on the go,
And wanting to get in
My coat and hat I then threw aff,
My hankerchief and shonn;
Then quick I fled into hea bed-
For sound slept a' her kin.

Then Cupid said. Be not afraid,
In joy your love now do,
For Angerona here doth reign,
And mortal ne’er shall know.
But Stirling Will was for the mill.
His horn he did blaw;
And one kiss more she ask'd before
That I would gang awa.

I kiss’d this maid then out of bed,
My clothes I on did throw;
I never smoke, but did unlock
The door, and off did go.
She thought it was her own true love
That she had all the while;
But him she lost, but ne'er suspeck'd.
That I did her beguile.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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