The Statutes at Large (Ruffhead)/Volume 1/Distress Act 1275 (c.16)

None shall distrain out of his Fee, not drive the Distress out of the County.

In right thereof, that some Persons take, and cause to be taken, the Beasts of other, chasing them out of the shire where the beasts were taken; ' it is provide also, That none from henceforth do so;

(2) and if any do, he shall make a grevious Fine as is contained in the Statue of Marlerbridge made in the time of King Henry, Father to the King that now is.

Distraining out of his Fee  (3) And likewise it shall be done to them which take Beasts [1] wrongfully, and distrain out of their fee, and shall be more greviously punished, if the Manner of the Trespas do so require'.

  1. Not in Original