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DOGHERTY, THOMAS (d. 1805), legal writer, was an Irishman of humble origin, educated at a country school, who removed to England, and became clerk to Mr. Foster Bower, an eminent pleader. After passing upwards of sixteen years in this capacity, studying law industriously, and making from his master's manuscripts, and those of Sir Joseph Yates and Sir Thomas Davenport, vast collections of precedents and notes, he, on Bower's advice, became a member of Gray's Inn and special pleader about 1785. For some years he held the office of clerk of indictments on the Chester circuit. He wore himself out with hard work, and died at his chambers in Clifford's Inn 29 Sept. 1805, leaving a large family ill provided for. He wrote, in 1787, the ‘Crown Circuit Assistant,’ in 1790 and 1799 edited the sixth and seventh editions of the ‘Crown Circuit Companion,’ and in 1800 brought out an edition of Hale's ‘Pleas of the Crown.’

[Law List; Gent. Mag. 1805.]

J. A. H.