First published in the Broadway Journal on September 6, 1845. It was addressed to Edgar Allan Poe.

I know a noble heart that beats
   For one it loves how "wildly well!"
I only know for whom it beats;
   But I must never tell!
     Never tell!
Hush! hark! how Echo soft repeats,--
     Ah! never tell!

I know a voice that falters low,
   Whene'er one little name 't would say;
Full well that little name I know,
   But that I'll ne'er betray!
     Ne'er betray!
Hush! hark! how Echo murmurs low,--
     Ah! ne'er betray!

I know a smile that beaming flies
   From soul to lip, with rapturous glow,
And I can guess who bids it rise;
   But none -- but none shall know!
     None shall know!
Hush! hark! how Echo faintly sighs--
     But none shall know!