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Edmonton Bulletin story announcing the impending 1893 Edmonton municipal election

The election for new councillors comes off to-morrow, when J. Goodridge, C. F. Strang, D. R. Fraser and J. Cameron will stand for re-election, and A. F. Degagne, C. Gallagher, J. A. McDougall, K. A. McLeod and G. P. Sanderson will also stand for the position. This election does not seem to be getting very much attention, and in fact the candidates seem to be doing very little canvassing, if any. The year for the first councillors of our town has just been completed and since their term of office a considerable amount of improvements has been done - certainly to a considerable outlay, and a considerable amount of kicking has been done about that outlay, yet if any other mayor and councillors had been in their place would they have done any better? We all learn by experience, and our new councillors, who ever they be, will certainly benefit by the experience of last year's ones. This town is certainly very little in debt, and if Edmonton progresses and flourishes as well this year, in the way of immigration, new buildings and business generally, as it has done in the past year, at least some of the citizens will be satisfied - it is impossible to satisfy all. Mayor McCauley was re-elected by acclamation, so that speaks for itself.

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