Encyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition/Anaxarchus

ANAXARCHUS, n Gl-ecillll philosopher oi the chitin school, was born in Abdel-n, lmzl floulidled about 310 2,0. He was the colnpanilm of Alcxrtmler in his expeditiun into Asia, nnd seems, irein nneerletes thnt llrtve been preserved, (0 here mljoywl his illlimnle rnendship. He rheel-erl the vltillglory of Alcxander, uhen, eluted with pride, he aspired in the llonollrs oi llirillity, by poilltillg to his woulldrd finger saying, U see the blood of n nlortn], not pi a god." \\ n Alexander u-us tmnrea uixli rcrnorse at having slain his friend Cljtns, Annxaxclllls endellvolircd to eeethe hinl by saying, tlnrt n hirrgn, like the -arolhg cimld do no wmiig." It is suitl that I\ oereou, iy‘ml\t el Cyprus, cunllllmlthxl him to he pounded in n m0l‘i:l1',n.nd that he omlltmd this terture with the gr:-atest pnlienee; but the story is doulltlul, having no etlrlicr authority than Cicero. Regmilillg his pluleeuphienl tlocfrines we here nu ini'or— mrtlioll. Some have infcrl-ad from the epithet a58m;lcr V045: (H The Fm1ull:m2),1lsll:ll1y applied to him, tlnt he held Hie end of.