Encyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition/Dr Thomas Bray

BRAY, Dr Thomas (1656-1730), was born at Marton, in Shropshire, and educated at Oxford. After leaving the university he was appointed vicar of Over-Whitacre, and rector of Sheldon. Bishop Compton sent him as his commissary to settle the affairs of the infant church of Maryland. He took a great interest in colonial missions, and busied himself in raising sums for purchasing small libraries for the use of missionaries; and to promote this design, he published his Bibliotheca Parochialis, and a discourse on Apostolical Charity. He endeavoured to establish a fund for the extension of the Christian faith, especially among the American Indians, and it is to his exertions that the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel owes its existence. He was the author of Catechetical Lectures, Martyrology, or Papal Usurpation, Directorium, Missionarium, and other works.