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CLUVER, Philip (1580-1623), a German geographer still regarded as an authority, was born at Danzig in 1580. After travelling in Poland and Germany, he commenced the study of law at Leyden ; but he soon turned his attention to geography, which was then taught there by Joseph Scaliger. Displeased with his desertion of the law, his father refused to support him ; and he was forced to enter the army, with which he served for two j 7 ears in Bohemia and Hungary. After leaving the army he under took to get printed in Holland an apology for Baron Popel, who had been imprisoned by the emperor; and in consequence he was himself thrown into prison. On his release he visited England, where he married, and became acquainted with Dr Holland and Dr Prideaux. After spending some time in Scotland and France, he returned to Holland; and in 1611 he commenced to publish his works, being, after 1616, supported by a pension from the Academy of Leyden. His principal works are Germania Antique (161G), Sicilicp. Antiques libri duo, Sardinia et Corsica Antiqua(lQlQ), Italia Antiqua (1624), Introductio in Uni- versam Geographiam (1629).