Enemy Combatant's written statement (ISN 081, 2005)

Enemy Combatant's written statement (ISN 081, 2005)  (2005) 
by Walid Mohammad Haj Mohammad Ali


The detainees translated written response to the Unclassified Summary.

1. The detainee traveled to Konduz, Afghanistan and then rode in a truck with other Taliban fighters to a bunker area on the second line, where he served as a guard for several months.

Detainee's Response: And what is in that, is it an accusation? I do not consider it an accusation. And the reason is that when I entered Afghanistan, I traveled to Konduz and worked as a guard on the second line. As far as I was concerned it was an Islamic government, not the Taliban. The Islamic government was never an enemy to the US. And the reason why the US entered Afghanistan is because of the falling of the buildings in the United States. And I was, after alt, present in Afghanistan before this happened So my trip to Konduz and my ride in truck with the other Islamic government fighter is not as accusation as you say it. (This all was stated to make the distinction mat these men were there in response to the call to fight with the Islamic Government against Russia,)

2. The detainee also spent time in the North, fighting on the front line.

Detainee's Response: Also I do not consider this as an accusation for the fact that I fought in front or second line, or that I was a guard, or that I held a weapon, or I rode in a truck or I traveled All these things happened before the US started thinking about entering Afghanistan. And I never thought that one day the US would enter Afghanistan. I decided to travel to Sudan so I can get married and live in my country, and on my way to Pakistan I was told that the roads were closed When I asked why? They told me that the Americans entered Afghanistan and closed all the roads. Even though the roads were closed I tried to exit in order not to fight the Americans. And for that I tried and I tried but I could not. So then I returned to my place in the second line. Then the withdrawal happened and I walked out with them from the North, And after we were betrayed by General Dostum by telling us that we are going to our country, they put us in Al JanU Castle in Mazar-eSharifand fired at us when we were handcuffed and American airplanes fired at us also. And they killed a lot of us. We entered the castle and we were about 400people and when we walked out we were about 60. They killed about 340 people by firing at us with bullets and American airplanes. And so this should not be considered an accusation against me.

3. The detainee participated in the Mazar^Sharif prison riot at the Al Janld Castle.

Detainee's Response: These words are not true and I do not consider them an accusation and the history of the castle is now known all over the world because of all the media that was there in the castle. Even you have the whole video about the history of what happened in the castle. I saw the video myself while I was in one of the interrogation rooms here and I told you the summary of the history. After the withdrawal from the lines and on our. way to our country we were betrayed by General Dostum by saying to us that we are going to Kandahar through Mazar-e-Sharif under one condition which was to turn in our weapons. So as he requested we believed him and turned in our weapons. Then we rode in trucks and we were about 400 men and we entered Mazar-e-Sharifso we can go to Kandahar but the General betrayed us and we entered the big castle. They handcuffed us so tightly that the circulation was cut off. And I became unconscious. What happened after is all I know is they were firing bullets at us while we were handcuffed and American airplanes came and started firing at us and killed a lot of us. I was handcuffed and wounded in my back with a bullet and it went to my belly where it is now. And I feel the pain of it. I asked to see a doctor about it and as of now I have not seen him. While I was on the ground an American airplane fired a bomb and shrapnel hit my head and it is still there in my head and then I went unconscious and I did not feel anything until I woke up in a room underground I did not get out of that room until the men with General Dostum and the Americans took us from the prison and from there to Kandahar while we were wounded How can you say that I participated when I was handcuffed and I had a bullet in my stomach and shrapnel in my head and I was unconscious? And if you don't believe me there are 2 films about the castle riot and on one film it shows everything about the handcuffing and the killing and airplanes firing. And on the other film it has been edited with the most important things out because of the public. And the government has both copies and CNN has only the edited one. Therefore, this is not an accusation because I did not participate in the fighting in the castle and this is how I defend myself for this allegation.

b. Training

The Detainee received training on the Kalashnikov rifle.

Detainee's Response: And what is in all that? Is this forbidden Internationally to learn weapon. Or should I have asked permission from the US? Have you ever seen anyone guard himself just -with a stone or throwing a glass of water on someone who has been attacked? And you know that learning weapons is very, very natural. And the proof to that is in America there are many schools to train you about firing weapons if you are willing to pay the fee. Are you telling me that anybody who learned how to use the weapons is breaking the law? If the US made an international decree that no one can learn how to use a weapon except an American, this is something else. I do not consider this a charge against me.

c. Connection/ Association

1. While in Quetta, Pakistan, the detainee stayed 25 to 30 days in a Taliban guesthouse that was also used by recovering, injured Taliban fighters.

Detainee's Response: This is also related to the other allegation as long as lam accused of belonging to military of Islamic government. The thing that is certain is that I stayed in one of their guesthouses. As if you are telling me, you are accused that you are human, accused also that you have eyes, or accused that you are wearing military uniform and you are accused also that the uniform has a pocket.

2. The detainee was identified as a Sudanese who spent a long time in Afghanistan.

Detainee's Response: This is true that I am Sudanese and there is not doubt in that. The copy of the passport you have. And saying that I spent along time in Afghanistan is not true. You can check the passport dates when I entered Afghanistan and when I exit. In the end this allegation is related to the other allegation and I do not consider it an allegation

3. The detainee was a special Mend to a known Taliban leader.

Detainee's Response: I have never, never heard this charge during my stay here in Cuba for three years. And I have not heard from any interrogator that I was a friend of the leader of Islamic government. Where did you come up with these words? This is something very strange and I have not heard it until now. If you have any proof please tell me of this proof. I deny this allegation.

4. This Taliban leader was in charge of all the Arabs on the front lines in the northern area of Afghanistan near Konduz and Marzar e Sharif.

Detainee's Response: This allegation is related to the previous one and therefore I don't know this leader and I don't need to respond to this.

5. This Taliban leader reported directly to an al Qaida commander.

Detainee's Response: Here again I will not respond to this because I do not know this leader.

6. The al Qaida commander was in charge of al Qaida fighters in the Afghani northern front

Detainee's Response: Again I will not respond because I have never heard of such thing.

d. Intent

1. The detainee traveled from Saudi Arabia, through Pakistan, then into Afghanistan.

Detainee's Response: My passport allows me to travel to any country except Israel. For example if you are an American and you traveled without permission to Cuba In this case it would be an allegation. But I am not of American nationality and my passport allows me to travel anywhere except Israel.

2. The detainee said that if he were in a combat situation, he would attack Americans to defend his country and/or family and he would fight again for the sake of his religion or his family.

Detainee's Response: This allegation was changed from it's meaning. I was asked if I fought the American's. I said no. He says to me, "never"? I said I would not lie to you. If any person attacked me no matter who it was, if they attacked my family and my house I will defend myself, and my family as best as I can. And this is the nature of humanity. I would like to ask you Mr. PO if somebody attacked you would you defend your family and what are you going to do?

The above translation is not an exact word for word translation.