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Perhaps some needful service of the State
Drew Titus from the depth of studious bowers,
And doomed him to contend in faithless courts,
Where gold determines between right and wrong.
Yet did at length his loyalty of heart
And his pure native genius lead him back
To wait upon the bright and gracious Muses
Whom he had early loved. And not in vain
Such course he held! Bologna's learned schools
Were gladdened by the Sage's voice, and hung
With fondness on those sweet Nestorian strains.
[1]There pleasure crowned his days; and all his thoughts
A roseate fragrance breathed.—O human life,
That never art secure from dolorous change!
Behold a high injunction suddenly
To Arno's side conducts him, and he charmed
A Tuscan audience: but full soon was called
To the perpetual silence of the grave.
Mourn, Italy, the loss of him who stood
A Champion steadfast and invincible,
To quell the rage of literary War!

  1. Ivi vivea giocondo e i suoi pensieri

    Erano tutti rose.

    The Translator had not skill to come nearer to his original.