Eudemian Ethics  (1915) 
by Aristotle, translated by Joseph Solomon

Preface Edit

With the permission of Messrs. Teubner I have followed in this translation the text of Susemihl (Leipzig 1884), who here as elsewhere has brought much light by obvious corrections and judicious punctuation. Where readings other than his are adopted they are mentioned with the names of their authors.

In the foot-notes are cited corresponding passages from the Nicomachean Ethics and Magna Moralia. Here the work of Susemihl has been of the greatest assistance. The Eudemian Ethics and the De Virtutibus et Vitiis have not received much attention from scholars. Mr. Ross’s suggestions have been of the greatest use to me; Fritzsche’s commentary I have sometimes referred to with advantage, and also to some notes printed by Prof. Henry Jackson and kindly sent me by him some years ago. Prof. Jackson is also the author of an article in the Journal of Philology, xxxii, which has shed a flood of light on the corrupt passage, Bk. VII, chs. 13, 14. Of course the principal help to the understanding of the two treatises is the Nicomachean Ethics, their resemblances to and differences from which work are of great interest.


Eudemian Ethics Edit