Section 1 The Challenge to Evangelism

Section 2 The Metropolitan Masses

Section 3 Smaller Communities and Rural Areas

Section 4 Planning for the Public Campaign

Section 5 Organizing for Evangelistic Meetings

Section 6 The Public Effort

Section 7 The Message and its Presentation

Section 8 Preaching the Distinctive Truths

Section 9 Clinching the Interest

Section 10 Establishing and Holding New Converts

Section 11 The Work in the Large American Cities

Section 12 Heralding the Message in Other Continents

Section 13 Personal Work

Section 14 The Bible Instructor

Section 15 Song Evangelism

Section 16 Medical Evangelism

Section 17 Laboring for Special Classes

Section 18 Dealing with False Science, Cults, Isms, and Secret Societies

Section 19 The Worker and His Qualifications

Section 20 The Message Triumphant