Executive Order 1419

By virtue of the authority vested in me, I hereby establish the following order for the Canal Zone:

Article I. Section 10 of Act No. 9, entitled "An act to provide sanitary rules and regulations for the Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama, and for the enforcement thereof," enacted September 2,1904, is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

Sec. 10. Every physician, druggist, school teacher, clergyman, midwife, nurse, head of a family, or other person in attendance on or in charge of any one sick or injured, having knowledge of the existence in any district of the Canal Zone of any of the diseases hereinafter named, shall immediately report the same to the District Physician or District Sanitary Inspector. The diseases required to be so reported are:
Measles, rubella (rotheln), scarlet fever, typhus fever, relapsing fever, typhoid fever, malarial fever, yellow fever, Asiatic cholera, plague, tetanus, anthrax, smallpox, chicken-pox, (varicella), diphtheria, (croup), tuberculosis (of any organ), glanders, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, leprosy, infectious diseases of the eye, puerperal septicaemia, erysipelas, whooping cough, dysentery.
Any person who fails to make due report, as required by this order, of any of the above enumerated diseases shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $25.00, or by imprisonment in jail not exceeding thirty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court.

Art. II. This order shall take effect sixty (60) days from and after this date.

Signature of William Howard Taft
Wm. H. Taft.

The White House,

October 14, 1911.

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