Executive Order 1421

Schedule A of positions excepted from examination under Rule II, clause 3, of the civil-service rules is hereby amended by substituting for paragraph 6 of Subdivision I, which reads:

  1. Any person receiving not more than $300 per annum compensation for his personal salary, who may lawfully perform his official duties in connection with his private business, such duties requiring only a portion of his time.—

the following:

  1. Any person receiving for his personal salary compensation aggregating not more than $300 per annum whose duties require only a portion of his time, or whose services are needed for very brief periods at intervals: Provided, That employment under this provision shall not be for job work such as contemplated in section 4 of Rule VIII. The name of the employee, designation, duties, rate of pay and place of employment shall be shown in the periodical reports of changes; and in addition when payment is not at a per annum rate, the total service rendered, and the distribution of such service during the year shall be shown in the report of changes at the end of each year or when the employee is separated from the service.
Signature of William Howard Taft
Wm. H. Taft.

The White House,

October 14, 1911.

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