Executive Order 3897

In view of the prior occupation and development of the tract by John J. Folstad as a coal mine for supplying fuel for local use, Executive proclamation of September 24, 1918 (40 Stat., Vol. 2, p. 1855), establishing the Katmai National Monument, Alaska, is hereby modified so as to eliminate therefrom, to the end that a coal mining permit may be granted Folstad, the following tract of land:

Beginning at the northeast corner stake, situated on Alaskan Peninsula, latitude 58° 2′ 30″, longitude 154° 32′ 08″ south end of Takli Island bears north 76° east, variation 23° east; thence west 660 feet to northwest corner stake; thence south 660 feet to southwest corner stake; thence east 660 feet to southeast corner stake; thence north along the meander line 660 feet to place of beginning.
Signature of Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge

The White House,

September 5, 1923.

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