Executive Order 3983

It is hereby ordered, under authority of the act of Congress approved June 25, 1910 (36 Stat. 847), as amended by the act of August 24, 1912 (37 Stat. 497), that the public lands lying within the hereinafter described boundaries be, and they are hereby, temporarily withdrawn pending determination as to the advisability of including the same in a national monument, subject to the conditions of said acts and to all prior claims lawfully initiated and maintained:

Beginning at the western extremity of Cape Fairweather on the west coast of Alaska; thence in a northeasterly direction to the summit of Mount Fairweather on the international boundary between Canada and the United States; thence following such boundary easterly, northeasterly, and easterly to Monument No. 157 of the survey of such boundary by the International Boundary Commission approved June 9, 1923; thence east following the latitude of said monument to an intersection with the right bank of Chilkat Inlet; thence southerly along the right banks of said inlet and Lynn Canal to Icy Strait; thence westerly along the north shores of Icy Strait and Cross Sound to the Pacific Ocean; thence in a general northwesterly direction along the shore of the Pacific Ocean to Cape Fairweather, the place of beginning, containing approximately 2,560,000 acres.
Signature of Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge

The White House,

April 1, 1924.

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