Feach Air Muir Lionadhi Gealach Buidhe Mar Or

"Feach Air Muir Lionadhi Gealach Buidhe Mar Or"  (1929) 
by Robert Ervin Howard

First published in The Junto, an amateur literary journal for a Texan writing circle, in August 1929.

Mananan Mac Lir
   The son of the sea
   Is sib unto me
At the break of the year.

In the white autumn tides
   The ghost drums call
   When the midnights fall,
And the ghost ship rides
   Where the green waves crawl.

I break the loam
   By a Kerry hill—
   They beckon me still
 Through the purple gloam;
Strange eyes in the foam.

The sea-wind chills
   The crumbling stones,
   And a ghost harp moans
In the shadowy hills.
But a white sail fills
   And a sweep-head drones.

The great white oars
   They gleam and bend
And the west wind roars
   From the blue world's end;
   They call me like a friend,
Forgotten shores.