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Who shall assesses the Common Fines of the County

Justices in Eyres  FOrasmuch as the common Fine and Amerciament of the Whole County in Eyre of the Justices for false Judgments, or for other Trespas, is unjustly assessed by the Sheriffs and Baretors in the Shires, so that the Sum is many Times increase, and the Parcels otherwise assesed than they ought to be, to the Damage of the People, which be many Times paid to the Sheriffs and Baretors, which do not acquit the payers.

(2) it is provided, and the King wills, That from henceforth such sums shall be assessed before the Justices in Eyre, afore thier Depatures, by the Oath of Knights and other honest men, upon all such as ought to pay;

(3) And the Justices shall cause the Parcels to be put into their Eftreats, which shall be deliverd up unto the Exchequer, and not the whole sum.