Fitzalan, Bertram (DNB00)

FITZALAN, BERTRAM (d. 1424), Carmelite, said to have been a member of the great family of the Fitzalans, entered the Carmelite fraternity at Lincoln, and studied at Oxford, presumably in the house of his order, where William Quaplod, also a Carmelite, who became bishop of Derry (not of Kildare, as Bale has it) in 1419, was his friend and patron. Fitzalan, after proceeding to the degree of, master, seems to have returned to Lincoln, and to have there founded a library, in which Bale saw the following works of his : 'Super quarto Sententiarum liber i.,' 'Quæstiones Theologiæ,' and 'Ad plebem Conciones.' Pits also assigns to him a volume of 'Excerpta quædam ex aliis auctoribus,' which he mentions as existing in the library of Balliol College, Oxford. The book has, however, either been lost, or else Pits was misled by a codex there (clxv. B) of miscellaneous contents, some of which are by Cardinal Peter Bertrand. Fitzalan died on 17 May 1424.

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