Flowers of the forest/Andro Wi' His Cutty Gun

Flowers of the forest  (1825) 
Andro Wi' His Cutty Gun


Blyth, blythe and merry was she,
Blythe was she but and ben;
0 weel she lo'ed a Hawick gill,
And leugh to see a tappit hen.
She took me in, and set me down,
And hecht to keep me lawin free;
But cunning carlin that she was,
she gar‘d me birl my bawbee.
Blyth, blyth, &c.

We lo'ed the liquor weel enough,
But waes my heart my cash was done,
Before that I had quench'd my drouth,
And laith I was to pawn my shoon.
When we had three times toom'd our
And the neist chappin new begun,
In started, to heeze up our hope,
Young Andro wi‘ his cutty gun.
Blyth, blyth, &c.

The earlin brought her kebbuck ben,
With girdle cakes weel toasted brown,
Weel does the canny kimmer ken
They gar the scuds gae glibber down.
We ca‘d the bicker aft about,
Till dawning we ne'er jeed our bum,
And ay the clearest drinker out,
Was Andro wi' his cutty gun.
Blyth, blyth, &c.

He did like ony mavis sing,
And as I in his, oxter sat,
He ca'd me ay his bonny thing.
And mony a sappy kiss I gat.
I hae been east, I hae been west,
I hae been far ayont the sun;
But the blythest lad that e'er I saw,
Was Andro wi‘ his cutty gun.
Blyth, blyth, &c.


This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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