Folk-Lore/Volume 1/Fascination and Hypnotism, 2


To the Editor of Folk-Lore.

Sir,—I have sometimes wondered whether students of sorcery, witchcraft, etc., were quite alive to the significance of recent investigations in hypnotism. Mr. Nutt’s letter (supra, p. 274) seems to show that they are not. The suggestion is not new; it is recognised by scientific in- vestigators of hypnotism that their studies have a bearing on these matters, and “fascination” is the name of a distinct series of hypnotic phenomena. There is a delightful field for fruitful investigation here for anyone combining the requisite qualifications, or for two persons working in col- laboration. I hope that in your influential position you will stir someone up to the task.

[Mr. Nutt’s letter was designed to call attention of students of folk- lore to the connection, not that of experts in hypnotism, though, apart from some of M. Charcot’s experiments, it would be difficult for these latter to show any direct treatment of the subject. Ed. F.-L.]