Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Forester, James

FORESTER, JAMES (fl. 1611), theological and medical writer, matriculated in the university of Cambridge as a sizar of Clare Hall, 26 May 1576. He proceeded B.A. in 1579-80, M.A. in 1583, and practised physic (Cooper, Athenæ Cantabr. iii. 58). By procurement of Henry Barrow, the puritan, he wrote out part of the book entitled 'A brief Description of the False Church,' but he says that he found fault 'in respect off the sharpe maner of wrytyng thereof,' and caused it to be reformed, but he alleged that he never saw the book in print. He was indicted with Barrow, Greenwood, and others, on 21 March 1592-3, for writing and publishing books to cry down the church of England and the queen's prerogative in ecclesiastical matters. As he expressed penitence, however, his life was spared.

He was the author of:

  1. 'The Pearle of Practise, or Practisers Pearle for Phisicke and Chirurgerie found out by J[ohn] H[ester] a Spageriche or Distiller, amongst the Learned Observations and Proved Practises of many expert Men in both Faculties. Published and drawn into methode,' London, 1594, 4to.
  2. 'The Marrow and Juice of 260 Scriptures,' London, 1611, 4to.

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