The Army and Navy Hymnal/Hymns/Forward! Be Our Watchword

Forward! Be Our Watchword 123
(WATCHWORD. 6, 6, 6, 6..12 lines)
Henry Alford, 1871 Henry Smart, 1872

1.For-ward! be our watchword, Steps and voices joined;
Seek the things before us, Not a look behind.
Burns the firey pillar At our army's head;
Who shall dream of shrinking? By our Captain led?
Forward through the desert, Thro' the toil and fight!
Jordan flows be fore us; Zion beams with light,
2.Glories upon glories Hath our God Prepared
By the Souls that love him One day to be shared;
Eye hath not beheld them, Ear hath never heard;
Nor or these hath uttered Thought or speech a word.
Forward marching eastward, Where heaven is bright,
Till the veil be lifted, Till our faith be sight,
3.Far o'er yon horizon Rise the city towers,
Where our God abideth:That fair home is ours.
Flash the streets with jasper, Shine the gates with gold!
Flows the gladening river, Shedding joys untold;
Thither, on thitherm In the Spirit's might,
Pilgrims, to your country, Forward into light Amen.