Fosbroke, Thomas Dudley (DNB00)

FOSBROKE, THOMAS DUDLEY (1770–1842), antiquary, born 27 May 1770, was the only son of William Fosbroke by his second wife, Hesther, daughter of Thomas Lashbroke of Southwark, and was a descendant of a family first settled at Forsbrook in Staffordshire (for the family history see Fosbroke, Brit. Monachism, 3rd ed. pp. 14–23). When nine years old he was sent to St. Paul's School, London, and in 1785 was elected to a Teasdale scholarship at Pembroke College, Oxford. He graduated B.A. 1789, M.A. 1792 (Catal. Oxf. Graduates). He was ordained in 1792, and was curate of Horsley in Gloucestershire from 1792 to 1810. From 1810 to 1830 he was curate of Walford, near Ross, Herefordshire, and from 1830 till his death was vicar of the parish. He died at Walford vicarage on 1 Jan. 1842. He married, in 1796, Miss Howell of Horsley, and had four sons and six daughters. His wife and seven of his children (see Gent. Mag. 1842, new ser. xvii. 216) survived him. There is a portrait of him prefixed to his ‘British Monachism’ (3rd edit.).

Fosbroke was elected a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1799, and from about that time devoted himself to archæology and Anglo-Saxon literature, studying eight or nine hours a day. His ‘British Monachism’ was published in 1802 (London, 2 vols. 8vo), and was well received (also 1817, 4to; 1843, 8vo). His other chief work, the ‘Encyclopædia of Antiquities,’ a treatise on the elements of classical and mediæval archæology, was published in 1825 (London, 2 vols. 4to; also London, 1840, 1 vol. 8vo). He contributed many reviews to the ‘Gentleman's Magazine,’ and among his other publications are: 1. ‘Abstracts of Records and MSS. respecting the County of Gloucester,’ Gloucester, 1807, 2 vols. 4to. 2. ‘Key to the Testament; or Whitby's Commentary abridged,’ 1815, 8vo. 3. ‘History of the City of Gloucester,’ London, 1819, fol. 4. ‘Berkeley Manuscripts’ (pedigrees of the Berkeleys; history of parish of Berkeley, &c.), London, 1821, 4to. 5. ‘Companion to the Wye Tour: Ariconensia’ (on Ross and Archenfield), Ross, 1821, 12mo. He also made additions to Gilpin's ‘Wye Tour’ (see Brit. Mus. Cat.) 6. ‘The Tourist's Grammar’ (on scenery, antiquities, &c.), London, 1826, 12mo. 7. ‘Account of Cheltenham,’ Cheltenham, 1826, 12mo. 8. ‘Foreign Topography’ (an account of ancient remains in Africa, Asia, and Europe), London, 1828, 4to. 9. ‘A Treatise on the Arts, Manufactures, Manners, and Institutions of the Greeks and Romans’ (in Lardner's ‘Cabinet Cyclopædia’), 1833, 8vo.

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