Frampton, John (DNB00)

FRAMPTON, JOHN (fl. 1577–1596), merchant, was resident for many years in Spain, and on his retirement about 1576 to his native country employed his leisure in translating from Spanish into English the following: Escalante's ‘A Discourse of the Navigation which the Portugales doe Make,’ dedicated to Edward Dyer, 1579, 4to; Monardes's ‘Joyfull Newes ovt of the Newe Founde Worlde,’ dedicated to Edward Dyer, 1577, 1580 (with three other tracts by Monardes), 1596, 4to; Marco Polo's ‘Travels,’ 1579, 4to; ‘An Account of the Empire of China in 1579’ (in ‘Harleian Collection of Voyages,’ 1745, vol. ii.)

[Joyfull Newes, 1st ed. pref.; Tanner's Bibl. Brit. p. 297; Brit. Mus. Cat. of Books before 1640.]

B. D. J.