Fryer, Leonard (DNB00)

FRYER, LEONARD (d. 1605?), sergeant-painter to Queen Elizabeth, received in 1598 the office of sergeant-painter for life. On 26 April 1605 another grant was made with survivorship to Leonard Fryer and John de Crites [see De Critz] of the office of sergeant-painter, before granted to Leonard Fryer with reversion to John de Crites. As De Critz was shortly afterwards in sole possession of the office, it is probable that Fryer died about this time. In Painter-Stainers' Hall there is still preserved a richly chased cup presented by Fryer to the company in 1605.

[Cal. State Papers (Dom. Ser.), 1598 and 1605; An Account of the Worshipful Company of Painters.]

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